Revolutionary Technology.

Lyric uses advanced micro-engineering to work with the ear canal’s natural shape. It sits comfortably by the ear drum capturing the sound and gently amplifying with minimal processing,24/7, for months at a time.

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You can hear.
Nobody can see.

Lyric is a breakthrough technology that provides the ultimate discretion in hearing. It’s the first 100% invisible hearing device, ensuring pure, natural sound 24/7.

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Effortless Hearing.

With Lyric fitted, there’s nothing more you need to think about. It can be worn in the shower or while exercising. There are no batteries to change, no daily insertion or removal required.

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VIP Service.

Lyric users are supported by a very professional service team operating out of our discreet Remuera and Fendalton clinics. This high level of personal service is ongoing for Lyric customers.

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Lyric is a new technology and we appreciate you may have questions. Please scroll through the FAQs menu for more specific information.

Lyric benefits
  • What makes Lyric superior to conventional hearing aids?
  • How does Lyric give me natural sound quality?
  • What do you mean by ‘effortless hearing’?
  • What happens when Lyric brings out an updated version?
  • What does it feel like?
  • Is Lyric safe?
  • Can I adjust volume settings?
  • Can Lyric get “lost” in the ear or fall out?
  • Can Lyric users take out their own devices?
  • Is it helpful for Tinnitus?
  • What do I hear when it's turned off?
  • Can a child wear Lyric?

Lyric is positioned deep within the hearing canal and uses the ear’s natural anatomy to provide exceptional, natural hearing quality. The inner-ear position makes Lyric completely invisible. Only the Lyric user knows it’s there.

Lyric in ear

Lyric is positioned deep in the hearing canal where sound is naturally captured. It amplifies sound waves carried to the tympanic membrane by the conducting mechanisms of the ear. Lyric is analogue, not digital.

Lyric is worn continuously through all daily activities including exercising, showering, making phone calls and sleeping. There are no batteries to change, no daily maintenance required and no daily removal and reinsertion.

When Lyric releases an update, members get the new version the next time they come in to have fresh units fitted. You will always be enjoying the very latest Lyric technology.

Lyric is made of a soft material designed to contour to the ear canal. You may be aware of Lyric for a short period after it has been fitted but after that you will have no sensation that you’re wearing anything.

Lyric is a well established technology that was subject to hundreds of successful clinical trials, beginning in 2001. Lyric has been commercially available in Europe and North America for over seven years. During that time there have been no reports of any serious ear canal issues or users requiring medical intervention.

Yes. The SoundLync device contains a special magnet that can be used to fine tune the volume and activate on/off and sleep settings as required.

No it can’t. Lyric is placed precisely by a trained Lyric hearing professional and held in there by the ear’s natural contours.

Yes, if necessary. Lyric users are provided with a removal tool built into the SoundLync remote key chain.

Where Tinnitus is associated with an underlying hearing loss, Lyric can often provide some relief. As it’s the only hearing aid that can be worn 24/7, it can provide continuous relief for many Tinnitus sufferers.

Because Lyric fits so snugly in your ear canal, turning it off can have a great noise cancelling effect - e.g. when you’re trying to sleep in a noisy environment, or on a plane.

Yes, as long as their ear canal is the minimum size required for optimal fitting. However, due to the initial adjustment phase, Lyric is not recommended for children under 16.

Lyric fitting & membership
  • Will I qualify for a free trial?
  • What happens after the trial period?
  • What does Lyric cost?
  • How long does sizing, fitting and programming take?
  • How often do I need to come into the clinic?
  • Who can fit Lyric?
  • Where is the Lyric clinic located?
  • What can I do after fitting?
  • Can I use headphones and ear buds?
  • What about swimming?

Yes. If you have hearing loss and can be fitted with a Lyric we will offer you a no - obligation free trial.

If Lyric is working for you, we will discuss Lyric membership options with you. Costs depend on your individual hearing needs. Please contact the clinic and one of our Lyric team will talk to you through the options.

Lyric is provided on a membership basis from $250-334 per month, Government subsidy or ACC funding may be available. The fee includes ongoing refreshment of Lyric units and ensures you always have access to the latest updates. Please call the clinic to talk through membership options on (09) 973 5640. We offer a no-obligation free trial at our clinic to ensure Lyric is the right solution for you.

Initial consultation, sizing, fitting and programming takes 75 minutes. If you have not had a professional ear wax removal recently we will arrange a complimentary appointment our registered nurse before your Lyric appointment. Lyric placement visits take about 20 minutes.

Most wearers have their Lyric replaced 4 - 6 times a year.

Only approved, trained Lyric hearing professionals can fit Lyric. Memberships are available only through approved clinics.

The Lyric clinic is located at 139 Remuera Road, Auckland, at the Newmarket end of Remuera Rd, adjacent to many other specialists and medical practices, with allocated parking. You can contact us on (09) 973 5640 or

You are able to live your normal life as soon as you are fitted with Lyric. Some wearers feel mild discomfort directly after the first Lyric fitting, which is quick to disappear. You may find your own voice sounds different to what you’re used to so you may prefer to avoid serious work or social engagements for 24 hours.

​External headphones, a stethoscope and external hearing protections can be used with Lyric. However, inserted ear buds or earplugs should not be used as they may dislodge the Lyric devices.

​Once Lyric is fitted an impression will be taken for a custom made, personal swim plug, which you’ll receive free of charge at your second Lyric appointment.

Lyric & your lifestyle
  • What about using the phone?
  • Can I use headphones or ear buds?
  • What about swimming?
  • Can I dive with Lyric?
  • What type of swimming plugs are recommended?
  • Can Lyric be worn on aircraft?
  • Will Lyric set off metal detectors?
  • Can Lyric be refitted at another clinic eg. when travelling?

One of the benefits of Lyric is it can be used when talking on any mobile or landline.

External headphones and external hearing protection can be used with Lyric. However inserted earbuds or earplugs should not be used as they may dislodge the Lyric devices.

Absolutely fine, but you need to use a swim plug. You will be given a swim plug at no charge when Lyric is fitted. It’s unique to the shape of your ear. Not only is it good for swimming but also reduces ambient noise exposure, e.g. when flying.

Lyric is not compatible with SCUBA diving as the pressure changes experienced can cause the unit to shift, creating discomfort.

We recommend using custom-fitted swim plugs for protection against water exposure.

Yes, it is fine to fly while wearing Lyric, providing the cabin is pressurised.

No, the components are too small to set off metal detectors or cause any problems through security checks and airport scans.

Yes, when you take up a Lyric membership you will get a user ID. This enables any Lyric professional globally to replace the device using your customised settings. Some other Lyric clinics may charge for this service. There is no charge when coming into any Triton Hearing, Lyric clinic for a replacement device.

Lyric & how it works
  • What is Lyric?
  • How does Lyric work?

Lyric is the first 100% invisible extended-wear hearing device that can be worn 24 hours a day for several months at a time. Unlike conventional hearing aids, Lyric is positioned completely inside the ear canal, using the ear’s natural anatomy to provide exceptional hearing quality.

Lyric is placed deep in the ear canal, adjacent to the ear drum. It uses the ear’s natural acoustic contours to channel sound and amplifies it with ground-breaking, micro-processor technology. That’s how it produces such an exceptional clear, natural sound. Lyric is programmed to the user’s specific needs.

Lyric for healthcare professionals
  • Executive Summary
  • What is Lyric?
  • How does Lyric function more effectively?
  • How continuous is ‘continuous’?
  • What about safety considerations?
  • What safety testing has Lyric received?
  • Any long-term studies?
  • Who is permitted to fit Lyric?
  • What is the typical fitting process?
  • Contraindications?
  • Is Lyric good for Tinnitus?

Lyric is the first 100% invisible, extended wear hearing device in the world, opening up new opportunities for people with hearing loss. Developed by Ear, Nose and Throat consultants, engineers and audiologists, Lyric was introduced successfully in the US in 2007 and globally in 2011. For the first time, people with a hearing loss can benefit from an extended wear hearing device that is completely invisible, requires no manual handling and can be worn for months at a time. Lyric is designed for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss. In particular, it’s suitable for people who are looking for a convenient, invisible solution.

Lyric is a deep canal, extended wear hearing device. It is designed to be worn continuously for up to 3 months; no patient maintenance is required.

Lyric is placed within 4 mm of the tympanic membrane, well within the sensitive bony portion of the ear canal. This means that very little amplification is needed and the audiological benefits are excellent; natural sound quality and increased localisation. The pinna provides natural amplification of high frequencies, reduced wind noise and excellent understanding in noise. The low ear canal residual volume and innovative battery technology also means less power is required, enabling Lyric to be worn for months at time.

24/7. Lyric is worn during all daily activities; in the shower, during exercise, and while sleeping. The user can make delicate adjustments to settings by remote control. Lyric can remain in the ear for up to 3 months. The real advantage with Lyric is that the battery does not need changing and absolutely no cleaning is required. Once Lyric is removed it cannot be reinserted: a new device has to be fitted by a Lyric trained Audiologist. Lyric’s placement deep within the canal also allows concurrent use with other in-ear devices, e.g. stethoscopes and earphones.

Lyric is retained in the ear canal by biocompatible soft foam seals that adapt to the shape of the ear canal. These foam seals minimise feedback and prevent the device slipping, without infringing venous capillary refill. The seals are anti-microbial and breathable and each device has two venting mechanisms (4 vents). This means Lyric is comfortably retained in an ideal placement without risk of skin pressure damage. The custom Lyric battery (zinc-air system) is entirely enclosed and single use. There have been no reports of battery leakage in well over 100,000 fittings. 

Although hearing aids have been exempt from FDA 510(k) clearance, Lyric was voluntarily submitted and cleared in 2002 for 120 days of wear and device placement by ENT physicians, and in 2008 for device placement by audiologists and hearing aid dispensers. 

A longitudinal study* of 364 Lyric users at a United States ENT clinic over 2 years found no instances of otitis external, osteomyelitis, tympanic membrane perforation or sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Mild discomfort and localised ear canal irritation did occur in a small number of individuals, however this resolved completely without further treatment within 5 days of device removal and in many cases patients were able to be refitted with Lyric successfully. Users are able to remove the device themselves at any time using a special tool. 

*Initially reported in Scherl, M., Desai N., and Scherl, S. Safety and patient satisfaction with Lyric hearing aids. AAO-HNS Annual Meeting. 2009.

Only authorised Lyric Providers are able to fit Lyric devices owing to the deep in canal positioning. Each Lyric Provider must go through a rigorous and lengthy training program and specialist equipment is also used. Lyric Providers are always highly experienced, fully qualified Audiologists.

Client history is taken, ear canals are professionally cleaned using gentle micro suctioning and the Lyric Provider assesses and measures the ear canal to determine suitability for the device. Then a full diagnostic hearing test is performed. The fitting process for Lyric is fast and completely painless. The user may experience a little discomfort as they get used to the device, which in rare cases can last up to 2 weeks. If any pain is encountered the device must be removed immediately. Once the Lyric wearer has acclimatised to the device it should no longer be felt in the ear. Lyric users generally undergo a 30-day trial before deciding whether they wish to wear the device on a long-term basis. The user can remove the Lyric device themselves with the help of a special tool that is provided. 

The Lyric Audiologist will carefully assess each client for potential contraindications to fitting. These may include: ear canal anatomy too narrow or too short, prominent osteoma, radiation therapy to the head/neck, high exposure to water immersion or diving, tympanic membrane perforation, and chronic dermatitis in the ear canal. Lyric devices can be fitted to clients with diabetes, clotting disorders or those on blood-thinning medications, however this has to be assessed on an individual basis and closely monitored.

Lyric can be an effective treatment for Tinnitus because it is able to provide 24/7 continuous therapy sound, even in sleep mode.

Lyric Consumer Policies
  • Feedback and Complaints
  • Returns and Refunds Policy
  • 60 Day money back guarantee
  • Warranties
  • Lifetime Free Care and Support Policy
  • 10 Day Free Trial Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sonova Group

The Lyric service is provided by Triton Hearing and is currently available at our clinics in Auckland and Christchurch.

At Triton, our aim is to provide you with excellent customer service by making sure your experience with us, is above and beyond what you would expect. Our client satisfaction is very important to us, and we love the great feedback and letters we receive from clients thanking us for a great experience. However, sometimes we don’t get things just right, and we also aim to resolve any problems and complaints quickly and effectively.

To give us feedback on your experience with Triton Hearing or to let us know about something we could have done better, you can do one of the following: Call us on 0800 45 45 42 or Email us at Write
to us at Triton Hearing, PO Box 14096 Christchurch 8154.

If you have contacted us with some great feedback, we will let the appropriate teams and staff know about it. If you have called us with a complaint, where possible, your complaint will be resolved there and then. If there is a need for more investigation we will refer the complaint to the appropriate Regional Manager who will be in contact with you, within 2 to 3 working days. If you have emailed or written to us with a complaint, we will refer the complaint to the appropriate Regional Manager who will be in contact with you, within 2 to 3 working days of us receiving your correspondence. They may need to contact you for more information and they will keep you informed of the expected resolution and time frames.

If you feel your concerns have not been adequately addressed, you can get in touch with the Health and Disability Commission to discuss your concerns:

Triton Hearing will ensure all returns and refunds are processed in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

All hearing aids and other related products and accessories, and any products purchased online are fully refundable if they are returned to Triton Hearing in good condition within 60 days of the date of purchase.

During the trial period the safe custody and care of the aids/devices issued to you are your sole responsibility It is up to you to contact your insurance company to ensure the aids/devices are covered by them should anything happen. Please note the hearing aid price above reflects the retail price before any subsidies have been applied You will be responsible to cover the full cost of these aids/devices if they are lost, stolen or broken within the 60-Day period There is no obligation to purchase the aid(s) provided the hearing aid(s) are returned in good working order and within the trial period (60 days). Our Clinician will need to meet with you to confirm the aid/devices are in good condition and that everything quoted has been returned to Triton Hearing Limited If this is the case, a full refund will be given.

All hearing aids and other related products and accessories bought from Triton Hearing come with a standard 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date they are ordered (individual manufacturer’s conditions apply).

All hearing aids and other related products and accessories are fully refundable if they are returned to Triton Hearing in good condition within 60 days of the date of purchase.

One of the key benefits of purchasing Lyric from Triton Hearing is the fact that you will receive Free care and support for the life of your hearing aids .

The Triton Hearing FREE 10-Day trial Terms and Conditions must be signed and photo identification (Driver’s License or Passport) must be sighted and photocopied to participate in the 10 Day trial Either a credit card, a signed cheque or a fully refundable deposit of $500.00 must be presented before the trial hearing aids are fitted. A hearing aid trial is only available to people that have a treatable hearing loss After the 10 day trial,Triton will either proceed with an adjustment appointment and process the payment in full or the aids must be returned in working condition. Returns of hearing aids are only valid if accompanied with supplied batteries, dry aid kit, and hearing aid packaging. During the trial period the safe custody and care of the aids/devices issued to you are your sole responsibility It is up to you to contact your insurance company to ensure the aids/devices are covered by them should anything happen. You will be responsible to cover the full cost of these aids/devices if they are lost, stolen or broken within the trial period. There is no obligation to purchase the aid(s) provided the hearing aid(s) are returned in good working order after the 10-Day period has ended.

For details on our Privacy Policy please view online here

Lyric is managed by Triton Hearing Limited (“Triton”) and recognises the importance of client privacy and supports best practice procedures in the way your personal information is handled by us. By providing your personal information you agree and consent to the collection, use, disclosure, storage and holding of your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. In this policy, Triton is also referred to wit the words “we”, “us” and “our”.

At Triton we are committed to our client’s privacy and security. All our client files are held or disposed of securely. We will never pass on your personal details to a third party except the necessary information required by providers of products or services you have purchased. This commitment is backed up by the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 and the requirements of The Health Information Privacy Code which provides strict parameters in how your personal information can be used. As a client, you have the right to access and update your personal information. To do so please contact us by phone 0800 45 45 42 or email

If you have provided Triton Hearing with your email address, relevant offers or information may be emailed to you. You are able to opt out of receiving marketing emails by selecting unsubscribe on the email you have received. This will opt you out of emails with offers, but not any clinic correspondence such as appointment confirmations.

Triton Hearing Limited operates a number of websites including:; and and other promotional websites from time to time. We respect the privacy of our website users and are committed to protecting your security and privacy.
This privacy policy must be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions.
We collect information about you through our websites in an effort to improve your shopping experience, as well as communicate with you about our products, services and promotions. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. We release account and other personal information only when we believe release is appropriate to comply with law; facilitate court proceedings; enforce or apply our terms and conditions; or protect the rights, property, or safety of Triton Hearing, our users, or others.

As a Triton client we may need to disclose some of your information to third parties if it is necessary for the following organisations: ACC, Ministry of Health, War Pensions and insurance companies.

Your personal information may be disclosed for the following reasons:
Your hearing aid(s) require repair Information collected by us may be shared anonymously for the following reasons:
We may collect personal information from you (including, without limitation, your name, email address, phone number, and postal address) when you register with our websites, place an online order, save your information with us online, contact us with a question or concern, or participate in a promotion. We receive and collect the name of the domain and host from which you access the Internet; the Internet protocol (IP) address of the computer you are using; the browser software you use and your operating system; the date and time you access our site; and any search engine or inbound hyperlink used to reach this website. This information is used only for statistical purposes and in regards to how we may enhance the customer experience.

Our websites use “cookies,” which are small data files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies may be used in a variety of ways to enhance or personalize your online browsing and shopping experience. Cookies may be used to personalise your visits to this website, eliminate the need for you to repeatedly enter the same information, enable us to improve the content, reliability and functionality of this website, evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising on this website and track website usage patterns. Accepting a cookie will not give us access to any data on your computer other than the data stored in the cookie. Although you may configure your web browser to not accept cookies, you may experience a loss of functionality as a result. Read more about our Cookie Policy

We may use your collected information from our websites in the following ways
You always have the choice not to receive marketing and promotional information. It is our policy to remove any member from our database or mailing list upon the members’ request. Please contact us if you wish to opt out of receiving communications from Triton Hearing Limited.

We take website and credit card security extremely seriously, and always endeavour to provide a secure safe platform on which to conduct online transactions. uses the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts your information as it is transmitted over the internet. This encryption scrambles details such as credit card number, billing details and delivery address so that generally, other computers are unable to decipher the information, ensuring privacy and security. To make sure you are accessing a secure server, check for the unbroken key or closed lock symbol located generally either at the bottom left or top right of your browser window. If it appears, then SSL is active. You can double check this by looking at the URL as well. If SSL is active, then the first characters of that line will read ‘https’ rather than just ‘http’. It is important for you to protect against unauthorized access to your password and to your computer. Ensure you logout when you have finished visiting, especially if you access from a shared computer. When you click on links and banners on our site that take you to third party web sites, you will be subject to the third party’s privacy policies. While we support the protection of privacy on the Internet, Triton Hearing cannot be responsible for the actions of any third-party web sites.
We may also use web analytics tools to measure your usage of the Services.

Use and disclosure of personal information
  • To our clinicians for the diagnosis and ongoing treatment of Your hearing loss
  • To our clinic administrators to ensure that you are receiving appropriate hearing healthcare appointments
  • To our client contact team to ensure that your telephone enquiry can be dealt with appropriately and in a timely manner
  • To our management team in the event of a complaint or for statistical analysis purposes
  • Third party service providers; specifically when your personal information is required to access funding or for the approval of your insurance claim
  • To hearing aid manufacturers (Your name only) in the event
  • Third party software and IT infrastructure organisations for the development of our IT systems and processes
  • Government funding bodies for the purposes of statistical analysis
  • Universities and registered research organisations for the improvement of hearing healthcare treatment
  • To process and fulfil your order, including sending emails to confirm your order status and shipment, along with customary business communications
  • To verify your identity and to assist you if you have forgotten your username or password
  • To communicate with you and to send you information by email, postal mail or other means about our products, services and promotions, where you agree to receive such information.
  • To help us learn more about your shopping preferences and personalise the website in accordance with your preferences.
  • To analyse trends and statistics.
  • To improve or update the website and our products / services.
  • To protect the security or integrity of our website and our business.
  • To respond to your enquiries and communicate with you if necessary.

When you ‘refer a friend’ to us through the Services you are confirming to us that they authorise you to give us their personal information and consent to us contacting them by email.

We collect personal information for the purposes of:
If You do not provide us with certain information we may not be able to provide you with access to the Services, or certain features of the Services may not be available to You. You have the right to access the personal information that we hold about You and to request correction of that information. To do so, please email this address

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy from time to time by publishing the revised privacy policy on our websites. We encourage you to check this policy regularly for any modifications or updates. Your continued use of our Services after any changes have been posted on our Website indicates your acceptance of those changes.
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or any other matter, please contact us:

Our purposes for collection

  • Providing You with hearing aid support facilities and features through the Services
  • Managing our relationship with You (including by assisting us to provide You with comprehensive treatment)
  • Helping us to better understand common problems and trends in relation to hearing aid use
  • Communicating with you about our products and services • Improving our product and service offerings
  • Undertaking statistical analyses.

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Published October 1st 2015

Triton Hearing is part of the Sonova Group, the world’s leading hearing healthcare company. Sonova is dedicated to giving back the joy of hearing, for a life without limitation. Founded in 1947, Sonova is the leading manufacturer of innovative hearing care solutions and operates through its core business brands Phonak, Unitron, Advanced Bionics and Connect Hearing. Sonova has over 10,000 employees in more than 90 countries. Although 100% independently managed, our relationship with the Sonova Group gives Triton Hearing access to cutting-edge technology and global expertise in hearing care.

Triton Hearing’s clinicians are contractually obliged to recommend the best hearing solution for their client, regardless of brand or manufacturer. It’s how we demonstrate our complete independence from any manufacturing brands, despite our corporate ownership.

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Reviews and Recommendations

“I couldn't believe you could wear hearing aids and no one would know"

- Rabin Rabindran

"Lyric allows you to be more active. I don’t shout any more as my own voice sounds much louder. It’s also nice to wake up and hear the birds."

- Rick Poynter

"The consultation was excellent, within 24 hours I didn’t notice Lyric in my ear."

- Dr. Julie Hardy

"Can you see it? I bet you can't."

- Ross Muir

"I tell my patients, if you're starting to disengage because of your hearing loss, it's time to do something about it."

- Dr. Julie Hardy

"I am consciously engaging in more activities with friends and thoroughly enjoying it."

- Rick Poynter